Friday, February 21, 2014

Our Girl Janice

Remember this lovely home that I posted awhile back? I'm calling her Janice because that's the name of her street.
As promised, here are a few more before, during and after photos for you to see.  Some of these photos are the ones that I took the first day that I met them...keep in mind that they were in the middle of packing that day so the before photos are more cluttered than the usual before photos that I take.

Here's a look at the breakfast area when I first visited the property

a visit after the painting, granite update and floors were completed


 and  after the furniture and accessories were placed.

My favorite view...
Hope everyone has a great weekend. I think it may actually be a nice weekend in snow!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Fayetteville Before, During & After

 I'm blogging today about a beautiful home in Fayetteville, GA that I recently finished. The owner hired me in July for a color consultation.
They wanted to sell, knew that they needed to neutralize the paint colors, update the kitchen and bathrooms and refinish the hardwood floors.

What you are about to see are the before,  during and after photos. Because there are so many to see, I'll break this house up into different blog post so be sure to check back again for the rest of the rooms.

Some of these photos are the ones that I took the first day that I met them...keep in mind that they were in the middle of packing that day so some before photos are more cluttered than others.

The others were made the day that I checked on construction progress or the same day of the staging installation.

We'll start with the living room and foyer area.

 Living room




Just to give you a little taste of what's to come...
Please join me again for the next featured room.

Let's Call Her Zoie

One of the latest projects is a beautiful home... let's call her Zoie.

She's has new flooring, the ceilings have been removed of all popcorn finish, there is a full basement and bonus room with it's on bath upstairs!
It's a great house....let's see the before and after shots. (more details below)




5 bedrooms
4 full bathrooms
finished basement
You could have multi generational family live very comfortably in this house. You have got to see it!

For help or information on staging your vacant property, give me a call or send me an email.  I'm happy to help!

Friday, January 31, 2014

Sold! One Day On Market

This cute house was on the market for 1 day
Would an empty room have made the same impression?
I think not.
This breakfast area may be a little more inviting than this one
This bedroom may be more cozy than the other one.
Talk about cold empty and uninviting...
compare these pics to the following.

Now that's better!

Big difference isn't there?
It's not even fair to show you the before pic of this bathroom.
It was in the middle of updating and was a complete mess
but look at it now!
It's just a hall bath but they need to feel special too.

Seriously, which house would have more appeal to you?
1 Day on Market!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Sold in 8 Days!

Remember this house?

It had been on the market for 328 days without an offer.

After Southern Staging & Redesign staged the house... sold within 8 days of going back on the market.


And the seller was able to increase his price! 

You don't get that kind of reaction with a vacant house!  This seller is living proof.

If your house has been sitting stale without productive showings, it may be time for a home staging consultation or a vacant staging plan.  Give me a call and let's set something up!
Nan Johnston
770-251-0608 home/office

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Latest Vacant Staging (November 2013)

What I've been up too lately....

(please excuse the bad photos. digital photo classes are next on my list of things to-do)

A few weeks ago, a very nice gentleman contacted me about helping him prepare his house to sell. It had been vacant for about a year and he was frustrated with the lack of interest in his property.

His current agent suggested having the house professionally staged.

He had a few things to complete before I could get in there to work...

...and I needed to wrap my head around staging a house with 3 living areas.
A design plan was created...

Accessories were gathered...

Furniture was delivered...
Accessories were placed in just the right spots...


Turning a sterile and empty space...

into a warm and inviting home.
Creating  positive thoughts instantly...
into a buyers mind.
When buyers see empty rooms, they instantly start finding the flaws in a house.  Having a house professionally staged, doesn't hide those flaws, however, keeps them from being the very first impression while viewing a property.  Showing them that every house can become a warm and inviting home.
For more information about staging your vacant property, contact us at
770-251-0608 home/office